Photosensor Opens Coop at Dawn

The built-in photosensor works with our patent-pending intelligent system to automatically open the coop door at dawn by measuring the available light and your other custom settings.  The patent-pending intelligent system automatically adjusts each day to the changing sunrise times by sensing the available light, both visible and invisible, before it will trigger the coop door to open.

The opening time can be delayed even further by adding in a delay of up to 60 minutes after sunrise for the coop to open.

Photosensor Closes Coop at Dusk

The built-in photosensor automatically alerts our patent-pending intelligent system to close the coop door at dusk by measuring the available energy.  The patent-pending intelligent system constantly measures the available solar energy, both visible and invisible, and continues to work even when it is raining, snowing, or cloudy outside. Our proprietary software is typically accurate to within 20 minutes of the published sunset time for your location.

You can always adjust the closing time by adding in addition delay time to make the coop door close up to 60 minutes later than the system would automatically close it.  Our team added this flexibility into the system so that you can make sure that any of your straggler birds don’t get left out at night.