Every COOP CONTROLS opener kit includes built-in logic, intelligence, and actions to help make it the most convenient Coop Door Opening/Closing system available on the market today.


Sensor Mode (DIP #1=ON)

The coop door kits are preset from our factory in photosensor mode. This mode in simple terms opens the door at sunrise and closes the coop door at sunset.  But, our team added some additional intelligence into the systems so that

  • You can add additional delay of up to 60 minutes for the opening, closing, or both times.
  • If you close the door with the pushbutton before our system senses sunset, then the door will remain closed until the next morning.
  • If you open the door manually with the pushbutton in the evening when the system thinks it should be closed, the door will remain open for 2 minutes before it will automatically close.


Non-Sensor Mode (DIP #1=OFF)

The system photosensor can be manually disabled by flipping the first DIP switch over to manual operation.  Once the system is in this mode:

  • No automatic operation will occur so the door will not open at dawn or close at dusk
  • You can add a timer or timers to control the operation of the door
  • You can add other external inputs
    (DRY-CONTACT) to control the operation of the door
  • You can use the included pushbutton to close or open the door at your convenience