Here are some answers to frequently and commonly asked questions about Coop Controls. If you do not find your answer, please Contact Us for assistance.


What is required to install the CKBT Kit?

You will need a wood 2x4 that is at least the width of your coop door during the installation of your kit.  You will also need commonly available tools including a tape measure, power drill with 1/4" bit, saw to cut the wood, wire strippers, a 7/16" wrenches or socket and wrench.

How long can I extend the transformer wire?

The UL Listed Transformer with resettable fuse can be connected up to 1000 feet away using two-conductor, stranded 16 gauge (or larger) wire. Please Contact Us if you do not see the length of wire you need.

Is a Battery Required?

Yes, a battery is required.  The battery is the primary power source for the system and the AC transformer or solar panel recharge this battery. Without a battery installed, the system will not operate.

Is AC Power required?

No.  You can use either the included AC transformer or the optional AXDP solar panel kit to recharge the system battery.

What size doors can automated with the Coop Controls Kits?

The system is designed to automate the opening and closing of swinging coop doors that are 16" to 30" in width.  Sliding (horizontal or vertical) and drawbridge doors are not currently possible to automate with our system. Please Contact Us directly if you would like more information.

Is this system unique?

Yes. Our custom system design and features are currently filed for several potential patents.  These patent-pending features are what allows the Coop Controls system to be the easiest system to install on almost any coop with a swinging door.