The Perfect Time to Add an Automatic Coop Opener

As the weather is getting a bit cooler and the days are getting shorter, now is the perfect time to automate your coop door. Knowing that your chickens, turkeys, or ducks are safely inside the coop and the door is shut securely is even more important now since each day is getting a bit shorter in length.

Everyone gets busy this time of year with last minute shopping, yard work, sports, or school activities so running late happens to all of us, except the predators. The predators are probably happy that they now more time to stalk their prey and hunt for dinner. The built-in photosensor of the Coop Controls kit is constantly measuring the daylight and shutting the door a little bit earlier each night, just in case you are running late.

And remember that are our smart logic allows you to shut the door at anytime during the day and it will remain shut until the next morning….